Aug 26

Year Month Day Date Batch Script

Here’s a simple script that will give you today’s date in numeric format in three variables.  This has a bunch of uses, but I use it when I need to audit when a script was last run.  The script has been tested under Windows XP x86 and Windows 7 x64.  You may need to swap the varMM and varDD variables if you are using a version of Windows other than the U.S. version.


:: Formatting the date into a YYYYMMDD format and setting it to the variable, varTodaysDate
SET varYYYY=%DATE:~10,4%
SET varMM=%DATE:~4,2%
SET varDD=%DATE:~7,2%
SET varTodaysDate=%varYYYY%%varMM%%varDD%

ECHO %varTodaysDate%


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  1. Raul

    Great info! thanks!

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